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Constantly Ensuring The Improvement Of Our Services

Our policy has always been to deliver projects on-time everytime with a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the safety of our staff and workers onsite.

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MAS will continuously improve its services to better satisfy the needs of its customers. High quality services will be delivered to customers according to the agreed upon specifications, prices and delivery times. To ensure such commitment, MAS has implemented a quality management system according to the International Organization for Standarization, ISO.

Solik Residence

Our objectives:

  • Implement a strong safety management system.
  • Complete work on time, according to the agreed upon standards.
  • Train and develop high quality staff personnel to ensure the future of MAS business.
  • Maintain an awareness of customers’ requirements through regular liaison meetings.
  • React promptly and civilly to customers complaints.

This policy has been explained and discussed at a general orientation training given to all existing and new employees.